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Dead Wiki Alert

Hi. As admin of this wiki, I have to sadly call this wiki dead. If we dont get ACTUAL edits in 29 more days, I will just lock up this wiki. Which means, you can still edit, but only New Pages. This is a new idea, to get our Wikia's edits up. This doesn't mean I'm deleting the wiki, nor abandoning this wiki, but the lack of energy is making me tired. No one has responded to my Help Needed! forum. 
Dead Wiki Definition:
The wiki has NO active users, and has no edits in 1 month - 3 months.
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Help Needed! Lets make this wikia a better place!

Hey. Maybe after you read my latest forum on my general discussion, you clicked this. Right now, our wiki is plain, and we need help! If you guys can even make a page or add a photo, or video, that would help! 
Pages We Need:

Just Dance 2015
Just Dance 2014
Just Dance Now
Just Dance Unlimited
Just Dance 4
Just Dance 3
Just Dance 2
Just Dance 1
Song Articles
~Thanks, Heyppls
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Hello everyone reading this! If you do not know me, I am the Master-Photoshopper Admin of the wiki. Today I am here to ask you guys if... we should have a Just Dance Wikia Shop? If yes.. what would be good ideas for avatars, dancer edits, etc?
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